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Serving the authentic taste of the choicest delicacies from the house of Chocobaar. It is widely known for the hands of the Food, Dinner, Chocobar, Choco, BreakFast expert craftsmen that have been able to serve scrumptious delicacies for decades now. It is the perfect place to satisfy the cravings for authentic delicacies. we are provide the Food, Dinner, Chocobar, Choco, BreakFast Etc. And Also given the Good Services.

Our services

We serve good feast with healthy cuisine in an awesome ambience. Chocobaar is the best place to enjoy fresh seafood, authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine. Our accomplished team of chefs has mastered the art of making your gastronomic experience exquisite with every veg and non-veg treat on the menu. At Chocobaar you will savour a distinct seafood dining experience. The bar Food, Dinner, Chocobar, Choco, BreakFast in the house, adds zing to your taste buds, with variety of drinks.